Welcome Therapists to The New Website for That’s The Spot Massage Therapy. It’s been a long time in the making but it’s finally here, our new and much improved company website. When you register to be one of our massage representatives in your respective State, you may choose to receive real time alerts not only via email, but by text messages and telephone alerts. You will be able to accept or decline jobs easily using your smart phone, computer, or tablet. You will be able to refer friends and colleagues for current and or future events effortlessly.

You will have real time access to our event coordinators on line or by phone allowing for any of your questions or concerns to be quickly answered and or resolved.  You will be able to monitor payment status for services you have already rendered within our massage event management page. Our new Therapists Registry makes it easy to communicate with other therapists within our network, who may be working the same event making it easy to communicate important matters about the event or maybe just to set up car pooling.

Customers will be able to rate your services within our secured website which will be stored and used for future opportunities. With our new website finally operational, we will begin an aggressive advertisement campaign in your state, which we hope will bring us many opportunities to offer you! Please let all your friends know that That’s The Spot Massage is better than ever and that we need professional, courteous, and well trained Massage Therapists to join our nationwide network. You can trust us, we are Therapists owned and operated and will always make your well being our highest priority!