Employee Paid/Sponsored Massage

All the great features, benefits, & security of our Corporate Wellness Massage services, but employee sponsored and managed. After you or a chosen company representative sets up an account within our secure website, each employee/participant will be able to login within your company account schedule, monitor, manage, get personalized customer assistance, receive invoices and pay for their respective massage treatments conveniently and easily within your secure company management page. You and or your company rep will be able to oversee the entire massage program within your company account and make any request, changes, cancellations, and or receive real time customer service without ever having to leave your company account page. That’s The Spot Massage’s Employee sponsored/managed wellness service is truly one of a kind. It has been longtime ambition of ours to provide this heavily requested feature for our clients and we couldn’t be more joyful or proud to be the only company currently offering this service. Please call or email us to receive more information on our employee sponsored and managed massage services, one of our event coordinators will answer all of your questions and get you started right away!