Corporate Massage

Thinking of ways to enhance your business, and making it more successful? You need more than just a great product or service, you need skilled, dedicated, happy, & healthy employees!  Not only is it essential that you be extremely selective in hiring the best employees that agree with your goals and vision, you need to treat your employees well. When you show how much you value your staff, they will give 110%. Providing Corporate Wellness Massage from That’s The Spot Massage will bring out the very best in your employees. We offer the traditional Corporate Sponsored/Paid Massage wellness programs or our one of a kind employee Sponsored/Paid Massage services which will allow for each of your participating employees to schedule, & individually pay for the portion of massage they schedule.

How Corporate Massage Works. Turn to the experts in massage at Ahh That’s the Spot Massage and count on us to provide your employees with a gift  that is worthy of their service to you, the gift of stress relief and relaxation! We offer a just reward and an escape from the daily grind. Give us a small space in your office, a room that isn’t in use, or allow us to transform your work environment into a place of tranquility and serenity. Your employees can take turns with one of our gifted Massage Therapists as the work day environment & productivity remain uncomprimised. We offer both chair & table massages, making it easy to bring the spa to you. If the work load is to demanding during normal business hours, your staff members can utilize their scheduled Lunch/Break time to experience pure pleasure in the care of our talented hands.

Our massage chairs & tables are compact & portable, we take care of the setup and breakdown, leaving your place of business better than the way we found it. You will see a major difference in your employees after they’ve taken a brief portion of their day to have a little stress relief & recovery. Everyone can use some pampering from time to time focusing on their overall wellness. Our corporate massages will only take a few minutes of your employees’ time. When all is said and done, they will return to work feeling refreshed, focused, and empowered. You will see the effects of our corporate wellness massage, in increased productivity, a harmonious environment, & heartfelt appreciation for the gift that you have bestowed upon them.

Benefits of a Corporate Massage Giving your employees the opportunity for a corporate massage is more than an excuse for a little time off. You’ll find that massage relieves stress and helps your staff members to avoid a build-up of tension in mind and body that can be detrimental to their health. All too often, your employees miss work because of stress-related illnesses, costing your company more money than you can imagine. Even more alarming is the human cost as you see people you care about suffering from serious health conditions. With therapeutic massage you reduce the stress & tension that builds up overtime in the mind and body which can lead to various illnesses, thus hurting your company in loss productivity. Allow the benefits of a Corporate Wellness Massage program from That’s The Spot Massage to become a integral and routine part of your business, and reap the benefits!

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