Thirty five years ago a great friendship was forged between two young men, somehow they both new their new found alliance would last a lifetime. In the year 2000 these two friends aspiring to lift one another from financial uncertainty decided to team up creating That’s The Spot Massage Therapy, a nationwide corporate massage company, with the goal of providing the same level of attention and dedication they were providing to local client, to clients in the US and beyond!

Carlos Rubio a licensed Massage Therapist and instructor in the state of Florida and Manny Marrero a top 100 SEO in the country merged passions and talents and produced That’s The Spot Massage Therapy Inc a leader and pioneer of Nationwide Mobile Massage Wellness. Much like their friendship That’s The Spot Massage Therapy has been strong and growing ever since!

Both Manny and Carlos have one major aspiration that drives That’s The Spot Massages daily operations, simply to bring benefit to others. A great example of their commitment to benefiting others is insuring the staffing of only the most highly skilled and reputable massage talent, all the while still offering the lowest rates to their customers in the industry! We are driven by the thought that everyone should be able to enjoy the well documented benefits of therapeutic massage.

One of our main missions is to work tirelessly, hand in hand with our corporate partners, to educate companies on the benefits of providing the stress relief program at the office. Throughout the years, our message has taken hold in companies across the US, and we have seen the Corporate Massage industry take off. We couldn’t be happier!